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Philippines x Korea

In an exciting culinary collaboration, CHAE teamed up with good friends Ross and Shane at Serai to create an unforgettable dining experience. This special event highlighted the vibrant flavours of the Philippines and Korea, seamlessly blending Korean fermentation techniques with Filipino cooking over an open fire.

Team Serai

The inspiration for this unique event came from the traditional Korean dining format known as "기사식당" or "driver's eatery." Driver's eateries are popular roadside restaurants in Korea that cater to taxi drivers, truckers, and other road-weary travelers. These establishments are renowned for their hearty, affordable, and quickly-served meals, providing comfort and sustenance to those on the go. They offer a variety of dishes that are simple yet deeply flavorful, often reflecting the regional specialties of Korea. From fine dining to street food, Korean cuisine is trending across the globe, and this unique concept restaurant born out of necessity has added to the trend. In New York, Kisa, which literally translates to ‘Drivers,’ opened in Manhattan, attracting huge attention with its concept built around the quick-stop diner designed to serve taxi drivers.

"I wanted to use this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and highlight a different genre of Korean dining,"

"The team and I designed the menu to surprise our diners by presenting them with a bountiful feast, an unexpected delight for those accustomed to the traditional sequence of course meals typically offered in such collaborations," added Chae.

This collaboration event with Serai brought a fresh perspective to both Korean and Filipino cuisines, showcasing the depth and richness of traditional flavours in a communal, abundant setting. Guests enjoyed a delightful mix of dishes that merged the robust, fermented flavours of Korea with the intense, smoky notes of Filipino fire-cooking. The fusion of these culinary traditions offered a surprising and satisfying dining experience that went beyond the typical course meals, leaving diners with a memorable and unique taste of both cultures.

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