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In November 2019, Chae embarked on a new venture: a 6-seat Korean restaurant run from her one-bedroom apartment in Brunswick.

With a focus on simplifying the traditional restaurant experience and putting the emphasis solely on cooking, Chae's modest yet unique establishment quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to traditional Korean fermentation techniques and promoting healthy eating practices.


Now situated in the midst of serene hills in Cockatoo, just 50 km southeast of Melbourne CBD, Chae's natural approach to cooking blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape of whispering gum leaves and the cheerful calls of kookaburras.

Staying true to the core identity of intimate dining with a limit of 6 guests per seating in a cozy ambience, Chae invites you to delve into Korean food culture, bask in the peacefulness of nature, and escape the fast-paced hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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