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Haru celebrates 3rd Birthday

Haru has turned three, and what a remarkable journey it has been. Admittedly, our bond didn't blossom overnight. It took time for us to understand each other, to learn how to coexist, and eventually for her to carve out a special place in my heart.

Yoora always dreamed of having a big black Labrador back when we were still in Brunswick. However, we both knew that a small apartment, especially one housing a restaurant, was no place for a large, furry companion.

Our relocation to the charming Cockatoo house changed everything. We turned to Gumtree, and although I was still hesitant, Yoora's determination never wavered. It wasn't long before a photo of a chubby, half-asleep black lab caught my eye, and we immediately contacted the breeder.

We immediately fell in love with the chubby, half-asleep black lab.

Our first encounter with Haru

Since then, Haru has been a steadfast companion. She was there when I was bedridden for weeks following fibroid removal surgery. She stood by us as we transitioned to our new home in Cockatoo and settled in. She accompanied us through our rocky business transition, making countless trips back and forth to the city for pop-ups while we resolved permit issues at the new venue. Through it all, Haru remained a constant source of comfort and support.

Our furry Front of House

Today, Haru is the beloved face of CHAE restaurant. She’s our charming, furry Front of House, breaking the ice with her delightful presence and winning over the hearts of our guests every single day.

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1 Comment

Jul 05

I was lucky to join a kim chi workshop in February. Seeing (and patting) Haru was the second best highlight of my visit to Chae after the obvious highlight of being able to eat Chae’s delicious food. She was exceptionally well behaved while we ate lunch!

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