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Chae's Cookbook Unveiled

Two years of dedication and hard work have culminated in a significant milestone for Chae as she proudly held the very first copy of her cookbook, "Chae: Korea Slow Food for a Better Life," at Hardie Grant's head office this week.

I'm very excited to see my story finally come to life.

Left. Chae proudly holds the very first copy of her upcoming cook book.

Right. Pork kimchi stew reciped included in Chae's cook book.

The book is thoughtfully divided into two sections. In the first chapter, Chae meticulously walks readers through the recipes for making Korean condiments such as ganjang, doenjang, gochujang, and more, which are widely used in Korean kitchens. The second part delves into various recipes categorised by season, utilising the condiments explained in the preceding chapters.

This book is quite unique in its radical approach to making all fermented condiments yourself at home.

"It's a patient journey into creating your own flavours following traditional techniques and recipes. I hope readers will experience the rewarding feeling of time-honored culinary traditions," adds Chae.

Scheduled for publication in August, the book promises to be an essential addition to any culinary enthusiast's collection. More details will be available via Chae's and Hardie Grant's websites.

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