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Picture-perfect dinner

Guest Captures CHAE Experience in Detailed Artwork

It's always rewarding when guests leave satisfied and express their pleasure through feedback. However, receiving an immaculate, detailed drawing capturing their experience is a whole other level of gratitude. This was the case when Sidney, who visited CHAE a few months ago with his wife Trin, gifted the restaurant an original piece of art.

"[CHAE] was by far the best thing I’ve had so far in 2024."

Sidney spent several months working on the drawing that encapsulated his dining experience at CHAE. “[CHAE] was by far the best thing I’ve had so far in 2024. Everything about the place was wonderful; from the hospitality of Chef Chae and Yoora to the vibes and the food itself ...” said Sidney.

The drawing features whimsical animals and Ghibli characters, with Chae and Yoora serving, and Sidney made sure to include their lovely furry front-of-house, Haru. Chae expressed her appreciation, saying, "It's such an honour that our guest would spend so much time capturing their moment at our restaurant using their amazing artistic talent."

Art proudly displayed at CHAE

Sidney’s art is now proudly displayed at CHAE for future diners to admire, serving as a unique and heartfelt testament to the memorable experiences shared at the restaurant. Sidney showcases his passion for art and highlights his dining experiences on his Instagram,

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