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Persistence Pays Off: Lindsay and Carolyn joins VIP group at CHAE

Updated: Jun 11

From left Lindsay, Chae, Carolyn

When Lindsay and Carolyn were announced as VIP guests at CHAE, it was a testament to their dedication and love for unique dining experiences. CHAE, a cozy six-seat restaurant open just two days a week, is known for its high demand and intimate setting, making it challenging to secure a reservation more than once, let alone three times.

To honour the loyalty of their regular patrons, CHAE offers VIP seats, providing a special opportunity for those who persistently support the restaurant. VIP guests can enjoy a Sunday dinner reservation for up to six people once a year, a special session reserved exclusively for CHAE's most dedicated diners.

Lindsay and Carolyn first discovered CHAE after reading a review in late 2019. Having visited other intimate restaurants like The North Room in QLD, Fleet in NSW, Underbar in Ballarat, Igni in Geelong, and Moonah in Geelong, they were eager to experience CHAE. However, securing a reservation proved difficult until the ballot system at Cockatoo finally worked in their favor. Their first booking was for a January 2023 lunch, which they had to cancel due to health reasons. Luckily, they were able to secure a dinner reservation the following month and another for lunch in April 2023. By June 2024, they had enjoyed their third dinner at CHAE, achieving VIP status.

We have many friends that are enthusiastic foodies and we would really like to introduce them to  (Chae's) Korean traditional dishes and Home 

Each visit to CHAE has been an incredible journey for Lindsay and Carolyn. They have marveled at the evolution of techniques, flavour combinations, and the presentation of dishes. The warmth of the welcome into CHAE's kitchen and dining area, along with the sight of new jars of ferments handmade by Chae and Yoora, adds to the charm. During their last visit, they observed 900 persimmons hanging on drying racks, a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to traditional methods. The ever-expanding range of offerings keeps them coming back for more. They also appreciate the restaurant's support for local artists through the use of beautiful plates and bowls.

Lindsay and Carolyn are eager to share their discovery with friends who are passionate about food. Their story highlights the unique and heartfelt dining experience at CHAE, where culinary passion and warm hospitality create unforgettable memories for every guest.

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