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Kimchi workshop kicks off

This week marks the beginning of Chae’s highly anticipated annual kimchi workshop, a culinary experience that has become a hallmark event for those eager to explore the depths of Korean cuisine. Chae has been at the forefront of introducing Korean flavours to an international audience, not just through her sought-after dining services, but also through various workshops, books, and online content.

Chae's kimchi workshop

The primary objective of Chae’s kimchi workshop is to immerse participants in the art of making Jeollado-style kimchi, celebrated for its robust, fishy flavour. Jeollado, located in the southern province of Korea, is where Chae’s mother is from, and it’s this rich culinary heritage that Chae shares with her kimchi enthusiasts.

The workshop kicks off with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation by Yoora, who provides an overview of the ingredients essential to Jeollado-style kimchi. Korean cuisine often requires extensive preparation, particularly with fermentation, and kimchi is no exception. Participants will leave with recipes for the secret ferments integral to kimchi making. For those intimidated by the lengthy preparation, Yoora also highlights readily available store-bought alternatives found in local supermarkets.

Following the presentation, Chae leads a hands-on exercise, delving deeper into each step discussed earlier. This practical session allows participants to gain a thorough understanding and hands-on experience, culminating in a batch of finished kimchi to take home.

During a brief break prior to a buffet-style lunch, Yoora offers a tour of the various in-house ferments that have earned CHAE a prominent place in the Australian food scene. He explains how these ferments are incorporated into Chae's cooking, offering a comprehensive look at the foundations of Korean cuisine.

Seeing both Yoora and Chae 'waltz' in the kitchen while Chae preparing our lunch was so beautiful...

"I gained valuable insights into Korean culture," said Chui San, one of the participants who attended the workshop over the weekend. "If you're looking to learn how to make kimchi, this is it. Chae provides a unique hands-on experience in making kimchi. I have learned not only how to make kimchi but also gained valuable insights into Korean culture," she added.

The kimchi workshop is exclusively offered for a limited time in the month of July, followed by the makgeolli workshop in August.

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