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Chae Becomes Ambassador for Aurum Poultry: A Perfect Culinary Partnership

Renowned for her dedication to authentic Korean cuisine, Chae has recently embarked on an exciting new role as ambassador for Aurum Poultry, Australia’s leading specialists in premium poultry. Aurum Poultry distinguishes itself through meticulous production and processing of the finest chicken, cockerel, ducks, and game birds, cultivated in partnership with select, family-run farms across the country. This partnership resonates deeply with Chae’s values, rooted in a commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices.

CHAE Weekly spoke with Kenneth Chan, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager, who shared insights into Aurum Poultry and the inspiration behind their collaboration with Chae.

Please tell us about Aurum Poultry Co.

Aurum Poultry Co. was founded in 1999, by brothers Sam and Danny Wong, who wanted to bring the poultry dishes of their childhood in Vietnam to Australian plates. They were joined by Company Director Henning Skallebaek, a veteran duck farmer whose focus lay in artisanal farming approaches; the company is committed to sustainable farming practices. Working with hand-picked local family farms across Australia, they work together to produce refined specialty poultry products. Its signature slow-grown Fook Wook Cockerel, raised for 100+ days, offers a defined texture and authentic flavour, with a 'gai' reminiscent of poultry of their native Vietnam and at the Asian countries.

We love seeing the unique and inventive ways top chefs work with our products to create amazing dishes.

What inspired you to partner with CHAE?

Chae's exciting and innovative menu is the perfect vehicle for Aurum Poultry Co. products. Aurum Poultry Co. has become a reputable supplier to a number of high-end restaurants in Melbourne and restaurants such as Chae offer the perfect venue to showcase the rich, deep flavour and defined texture of our poultry products. We love seeing the unique and inventive ways top chefs work with our products to create amazing dishes.

What synergies do you anticipate from this partnership?

Aurum's specialty poultry products, known for their quality and sustainability, will provide a perfect foundation for Chae's authentic Korean dishes, elevating the dining experience with superior flavours and textures. We are excited to see the innovative menu items Chae is inspired to create with our products, highlighting the exciting versatility of our poultry products.

As part of her ambassadorship, Chae will introduce exclusive recipes that highlight the exceptional flavours and textures of Aurum’s poultry. Additionally, Chae plans to host a special dinner event in the near future, celebrating this collaboration with dishes crafted from Aurum’s superb poultry. Stay tuned for further details about this exciting event and the unveiling of Chae’s recipes. This partnership aims to elevate culinary experiences and introduce the finest Australian poultry to a wider audience, reflecting both Chae’s culinary expertise and Aurum Poultry’s commitment to quality.

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