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Currently, we are experiencing high demand for our bookings. To ensure everyone has an equal chance of securing a reservation during this busy period, we've implemented a lottery system.


Our calendar will be open for three weeks, allowing you to choose your preferred party size and date. After that, we'll collect all the entries and randomly draw the winners. Please be aware that, given the large volume of lottery participants, only the winners will receive a notification to proceed with payment to confirm and finalize their bookings.

Booking lottery entry & draw dates:

  • March

    • Fully booked

  • April

    • Fully booked

  • May

    • Lottery entry: 4 March - 22 March

    • Lottery draw: 1 April at 7pm

Starting in April, there will be updates to our trading hours and costs as outlined below.


Trading Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: Closed

  • Saturday lunch: 1pm

  • Saturday dinner: 6pm

  • Sunday lunch: 1pm


  • Our fee will increase to $130 per person, including all drinks

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