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Editor's Note

Nearly a decade has passed since Emma Stone's memorable outburst in the Academy Award-winning film Birdman, where she famously shouts "It all smells like f***ing kimchi!"

I won't deny it. Kimchi is notorious for its pervasive scent. When I was living in Vancouver, Canada in my youth, I was constantly reminded to brush my teeth to remove any remaining garlic in my breath or avoid having the staple altogether before going out in public. I understand how this could be an acquired taste for anyone who is unfamiliar with it.

Today, however, kimchi has transcended its pungent reputation to become a global culinary phenomenon, thanks in part to the explosive rise of K-pop culture and the growing appreciation for Korean gastronomy. This cultural shift was vividly illustrated during our recent kimchi workshop, where participants displayed a palpable eagerness to master the art of crafting this iconic dish.

Despite the labor-intensive nature of kimchi preparation, enthusiasm among attendees remained unwavering as they eagerly delved into the intricacies of achieving its authentic flavours. Their dedication serves as a testament to the burgeoning interest in Korean culinary traditions among a diverse global audience.

As we continue to share the rich tapestry of Korean cuisine with international enthusiasts, we are deeply humbled by their enthusiasm and curiosity. It is our privilege to witness this cultural exchange firsthand, and we remain committed to fostering a deeper understanding of Korean heritage through our culinary endeavours.

8th July 2024

Yoora Yoon


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