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Editor's Note

Image by Chip Mooney

We are always grateful for everyone who visits us to dine, but when someone travels a long distance just to experience our culinary offerings, we are deeply honored by their unwavering support and interest in what we do. This week, we had the privilege of welcoming a guest all the way from Adelaide, who made the journey to Melbourne solely to dine with us. The fact that someone planned their trip around our restaurant fills us with immense gratitude.

Additionally, another group of guests this week shared their joy with beaming smiles, having attempted to secure a reservation with us for years, and finally succeeding. At CHAE, our dedication to crafting memorable dining experiences over the past five years has taught us valuable lessons. We understand the anticipation that comes with guests traveling to experience our cuisine, and while we strive for perfection, we embrace our journey of continuous improvement. We acknowledge our imperfections and see them as opportunities for growth. Our commitment lies in exploring and sharing our culinary heritage authentically, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation in each dish we serve.

Your enduring appreciation and enthusiasm are the true pillars of our success. We sincerely thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Yoora Yoon


1 July 2024

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