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Editor's Note

As I sit down to write this note, the past few days of relentless rain weigh heavily on my mind. Living in the mountains, I've come to realize just how humid it can be. When it rains for three consecutive days, the humidity reaches an all-time high. This poses a unique challenge for our processes of fermenting and drying, which are incredibly sensitive to climate.

During such wet spells, we must be extra diligent in our efforts. Our persimmons, hanging to dry, require constant vigilance to ensure they don’t succumb to mold. Similarly, the meju, or fermented soybean block, must be monitored closely for any suspicious colors or smells. To combat the humidity, we ensure a constant flow of wind across everything. This requires meticulous attention, as we diligently switch positions of the hanging items to ensure they are evenly exposed to the blowing fan.

Maintaining this balance is no easy task, but it's essential for preserving the integrity of our products. These efforts are part of our commitment to quality and tradition, ensuring that each item we produce meets the high standards we've set for ourselves.

This additional task certainly kept us busy on top of what's already on the plate. The preparation for our collaboration with Serai is in full swing. The menu is taking its final shape, with the teams fine-tuning small details such as deciding on crockery. Collaborating with passionate and talented teams is always refreshingly motivating. It provides a great opportunity to learn, and most importantly, to build valuable relationships, bringing us closer as we strive within the same industry. This collaboration not only brings out the best in our culinary skills but also strengthens the bonds within our community of passionate chefs.

17 June 2024

Yoora Yoon

Editor in chief

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