In November 2019, Chae began a 6-seat namesake Korean restaurant out of her one-bedroom apartment in Brunswick, Victoria where she and her partner Yoora lived. This modest, yet unique restaurant epitomises her commitment to eliminating all noises associated with running a traditional restaurant and focusing on one simple aim: Cooking.

Fast forward two years, this rare restaurant has grown into a special space where Chae shares her journey on mastering traditional Korean fermentation techniques and promoting holistic wellness through healthy eating practices. Now located in the middle of the hills and surrounded by greenery in Cockatoo, 50km south-east of the Melbourne CBD, Chae’s natural approach to cooking harmonizes with the backdrop of whispering gum leaves and the laughter of kookaburras.


Still serving 6 people at a time in a very intimate ambience, Chae invites you to experience Korean food culture, enjoy the tranquillity nature has to offer and simply unwind from the busy daily routines.